The Crew

Crew Commander

James Burk
  • Former MDRS Mission 197 Executive Officer
  • Member of MDRS Management Team since 2011
  • IT Director & Steering Committee Member, the Mars Society
  • Senior Manager, Artic Consulting. Former Microsoft engineer & technical project manager
  • Favorite projects are the Marspedia online encyclopedia and Mars analog station virtual reality
  • PADI Certified Scuba Diver
  • Married, two teenage daughters, two Havanese dogs

James loves all things space, American Football and Irish cuisine

Executive Officer and Safety Officer

Aline Decadi
  • Aerospace Engineer from ESTACA
  • 9 years experience at ESA as Ariane 6 rocket scientist / safety engineering
  • ZeroG Flyer
  • Member of the board of Directors at Association Planète Mars
  • Field Member during the Martian analogue missions in Oman with the Austrian Space Forum, EuroMoonMars workshops participant
  • Author of publications in space scientific journals at NewSpace and SpaceSafety
  • Single engine Pilot

Aline loves space exploration, outdoors and she makes a point to ride her motorbike to get to work every day.

Julien Villa-Massone

Crew Engineer

Julien Villa-Massone
  • Electronics Engineer with a specialization in Embedded Systems
  • MBA, 9 years business experience in renewable energy
  • Moonscape co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer
  • Web and watch app developer (portfolio)
  • Professional pilot (frozen ATPL)
  • International Space University SSP’19

Julien loves science, nature, earth and space exploration, playing music and a sustainable future

Crew Scientist

Frederick Bigrat
  • 15 years in the French land Army
  • IT engineer, with experience at the Research Institute Development  (IRD), the French Atomic Energy Agency (CEA), Paris1 Pantheon-Sorbonne university and the Scientific Cooperation Foundation “Sorbonne Universities”
  • Since September 2017, Director of the Department in charge of digital infrastructures and innovation at “ La Sorbonne”
  • Doctoral student in Information and Communication Sciences (71st) since 4 years at the Center for Interdisciplinary Analysis and Research on the Media (CARISM – EA 2293)

Frederick loves space exploration and is passionate about sports motors (FIA license)

GreenHab Officer

Cécile Renaud
  • Master of Science in Marine Biology at Sorbonne University
  • Master in Innovation Management at AgroParisTech
  • Strategic positioning, Products and Business Development at Aerospacelab
  • International Space University SSP’19

Cecile loves scuba diving, triathlon, hiking and spending countless hours observing bugs while hiking

Crew Geologist

Guillaume Thirion
  • Aerospace Engineer with a specialization in Space Systems and Life Support Systems
  • Geophysicist with a background in volcanology especially lava tubes and glaciology
  • EarthCom and Flight Director at the Austrian Space Forum, Collaboration with Asclepios and IGLUNA
  • National Point of Contact for France at the Space Generation Advisory Council

Guillaume loves Earth and space exploration, pre-columbian civilizations, music (trumpet player) and outdoor activities especially scuba-diving, hiking and mountaineering