Call for Projects

Expressions of interests received!

Following the Call for Research Projects published on October 19, 2020, the Trans-Atlantic Mars Society received 27 Expressions of Interest for Research Projects.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed.

Find below the distribution of projects according to the general field.

Responses sorted by General field

And here is the distribution according to the type of entity.

Responses sorted by Entity type

 The crew will now review the submissions and pre-select projects.

We will be in touch soon to inform about the next steps.

Call for Projects

Call for Research Projects

The Trans-Atlantic Mars Society has just issued its call for projects! Come onboard and pave with us the way to Mars proposing an experiment or an outreach activity to perform during the two-week mission.

The Trans-Atlantic Mars Society is an international crew whose first analogue mission is planned in December 2021 at MDRS, simulating a mission on Mars.