MDRS Crew 261

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Who are we?

The Trans-Atlantic Mars Society is an international team composed of members of the Mars Society and its French Chapter. Their first analogue mission is planned in April 2023 at MDRS, simulating a mission on Mars.

Latest news!

  • Project Idea Webinar
    Our crew organized a webinar on the weekend of December 5-6, 2020 to meet with the teams who responded to our initial Notification of Interest. We asked each team to prepare a 10 minute presentation on their project or experiment idea and present to us so we could ask questions. We are completely blown away by the high quality of […]
  • Call for Project: Step 2
    After the deadline of our Call for Interest, we received fantastic projects and it is already time to make a choice! In that goal, we will be holding a Zoom webinar on the first weekend of December to further evaluate the many excellent project/experiment ideas we have been sent.  Teams will have approximately 10 minutes to present their idea. It will […]
  • Expressions of interests received!
    Following the Call for Research Projects published on October 19, 2020, the Trans-Atlantic Mars Society received 27 Expressions of Interest for Research Projects. A big thank you to everyone who contributed. Find below the distribution of projects according to the general field. And here is the distribution according to the type of entity.  The crew will now review the submissions and […]
  • Call for Research Projects
    The Trans-Atlantic Mars Society has just issued its call for projects! Come onboard and pave with us the way to Mars proposing an experiment or an outreach activity to perform during the two-week mission. The Trans-Atlantic Mars Society is an international crew whose first analogue mission is planned in December 2021 at MDRS, simulating a mission on Mars.

Meet the Crew!

We are an international, multidisciplinary team passionate about science and space exploration. Our backgrounds include rocket engineering, geology, biology, computer science, military and aviation. We are a mixed crew of 2 female and 4 male.

Meet the Trans-Atlantic Crew!

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In the Utah desert, the Mars Desert Research Station or MDRS, is managed by the Mars Society. Every year, different teams from different countries are enabled to participate in missions of various duration.

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